Sustainable Shipping Exclusive Webcast

'North American Emissions Control - Review, Response and Responsibility'

'North American Emissions Control - Review, Response and Responsibility' is a research study, exclusively for SustainableShipping, providing an additional tool when seeking greater knowledge on the North American ECA and the CSR responsibilities and responses for a shared beneficial approach.

Free for all SustainableShipping visitors as a complement to the research study itself, the webcast from the author of the study, Scott Dryden, Royal Roads University, features a brief overview of the project purpose, the research approach and the overall key outcomes and benefits.

The downloadable study reviews proposed legislation, assesses industry responses and analyses the corporate responsibilities of operators's plans affecting direct and indirect stakeholders.

Through in-depth interviews and questionnaires with marine executives, the author has been able to present both the needs of the industry and those of less visible external stakeholders.

The study considers the following:

  1. Opinions on Industry Wide Responsibility
  2. Prioritisation of solvency vs. sustainability
  3. Proactive technical and operational strategic responses
  4. Level of shared responsibility between marine industry and external stakeholders
  5. Future challenges and outlook on the industry given this ECA legislation.

Listen now to hear a brief snapshot of what is included within the report, then download the full study here.

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