Oil Tanker 3523 Dwt LOA 88m Double Hull 2016 Ref C3648
6 Dec 2019
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Oil Tanker 3523 Dwt LOA 88m Double Hull 2016 Ref C3648
Oil Tanker, 3,523, Dwt, LOA 88m, Double Hull, 2016 Ref C3648


Date delivered: 2013 / used 14-01-2016

Flag: Marsall Island, Port of registry: Majuro,

Classification society: PRS

Type of vessel: KM Product Carrier B ESP AUT

IMO type: IMO II

Last dry dock: 1-3-2016 China- Next 29-6-2018,

Next renewal survey: 29-6-2018

Last annual survey: 7-9-2016

Note SS/ DD , just completed the vessel will have fresh certificates with in 2 weeks

LOA: 88.22 m

LBP: 82.50 m

Double Hull

2x Engines

Moulded depth 13.00 m

Keel to Masthead: 28.79 m

Bow to center manifold: 40.36 m

Stern to center manifold: 47.86 m

Disctance bridge front to center of manifold: 28.94 m

Vessel is fitted with centerline bulkhead in all cargo tanks

Solid bulkhead

Vessel complies with MARPOL Annex I Reg 18.2:

Vessel has Segregated Ballast Tanks

Tank capacities (98%) of each natural segregation with double valve:

No 1seg Tank No 3 P+S Cap 839.664 m3

No 2seg Tank No 1 P+S, 4 P+S Cap 1390.159 m3

No 3seg Tank No 2 P+S, 5 P+S Cap 1469.402 m3

Total cubic capacity (98%) 3699.225m3

Slop tank capacities (98%) 79.144m3 (No 5P if needed can be used as slop tank as per IOPP Certificate)

Vessel Can Load/Discharge 3 grades with double valve segregation.

Maximum loading rate for homogenous cargo per manifold connection: 500m3

Pumping system:

2 cargo screw (diesel) 500m3/h max 10 Bar / 1 cargo centrifugal (electric) 300m3/h max 10 Bar

1 stripping screw 50m3/h max 10 Bar / 1 ballast stripping / 2 ballast centrifugal electric 186m3/h

Max 2.8 Bar

3 cargo pumps can be run simultaneously at full capacity

Cargo control room on bridge, tank innage / ullage can be read from the cargo control room.

The ship can operate under closed conditions in accordance with ISGOTT

losed tank gauging system is fitted: Tank radar and UTI

All tanks fitted with overfill alarms

The vessel complies with latest edition of OCIFM recommendations for oil tanker manifolds and associated equipment.

Cargo connections per side: 3 / size of cargo connections 10”/ material of the manifold SS316L

Manifold arrangement (distance):

Between cargo manifold centers: 1000mm

Ships rail to manifold: 2400mm

Manifold to ships side: 2050mm

Rail to center of manifold: 2400mm

Main deck to center of manifold: 2100mm

Manifold heigh above the waterline in normal ballast 5470mm / at SDWT condition 3400mm

Number size of reducers: 10”-8” 10”-6” 10”-4”

Vessel is fitted with stern manifold size 8”

All tanks fitted with steam heating coils / material of coils SS316L

Maximum cargo temperature can maintained 80 C

All cargo tanks are 100% coated with 1st layer interline 704 off white, 2nd layer interline 704 red,

3rd layer interline 704 off white.

Ballast tanks and slop tanks are 100% coated

Vessel complies with latest edition of OCIFM recommendation for equipment employed in the mooring of vessels at single point moorings.

Vessel is fitted with cargo line hoisting crane of 2 tons with maximum outreach 3.25 m

The vessel complies with recommendations contained in OCIMF/ICS ship to ship transfer.


Propelling Type: Diesel total power: 1760kW (2391HP)

Propeling machinery: 1 G8300 G8300ZC18B

4T, 8 cyl, 550 rpm

1 solid screw propeller LB10, 600 rpm

3 Diesel generators, 263 kVA (210 kW), 380 V, 50 Hz

1 Emergency generator, 124 Kva (99 kW), 380 V, 50 Hz

1 Oil Fired Auxiliary boiler 80 m2, 7 bar

1 Exhaust gas auxiliary boiler, 55 m2, 7 bar

1 forward thruster 280 kW

Type of fuel used for main propulsion: IFO 180cst

Type of fuel used in the generating plant: MGO


M/E at sea about 5 m/t on 550 RPM about 10 knots

D/G about 0.4 m/t per 24 hrs

Cargo pumps about 08 m/t for 24 hrs

Boiler for heating from 4-7 m/t per 24 hrs depending of cargo

The boiler is for cargo use only. The vessel no need to use the boiler.

It is understood that speed/consumption is given basis max 3 beaufort scale, calm weather, smooth sea

no opposite curents, for in/out ports and while navigating in canals , narrow and shallow waters the ship

burns MGO

Max height of mast above waterline (air draft):

Full Mast 26.76m/Normal ballast 24.91m/loaded summer deadweight 22.84m

GT/NT: 2340/1046

Loadline information:

Loadline freeboard draft deadweight displacement

Summer 1.30m 5.95m 3523.3 5072.5

Winter 1.42m 5.83m 3303.8 4852.9

Tropical 1.18m 6.07m 3721.2 5270.4

Lightship 5.25m 2.05m --------- 1549.2

Normal ballast condition 3.37m 3.93m 1602 3152

Ref C3648

To Charter rate per day 8500 Usd or 2.9m usd negotiable

Regards Keith
UK office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044(0) 7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Length: 88m
Year: 2013/2016
Engine(s) description: x 2
Vessel Location: UAE

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