HP10800 AHTSV 3000 DWT Vessel 2013 Sale or Charter Ref C3641
6 Dec 2019
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HP10800 AHTSV 3000 DWT Vessel 2013 Sale or Charter Ref C3641
HP,10800, AHTSV 3000 DWT Vessel 2013, Sale or Charter Ref C3641

LENGTH: 77m (252ft 7in)
BEAM: 18m (59ft)
DRAFT: 6.2m (20ft 4in)

PRICE: USD 10 million or charter

The vessel is designed to satisfy the general requirements of the offshore industry for operation in tropical areas, as follows:

• Towing and anchor handling operations

• Stand-by duties / Rescue

• Anti-Pollution Control • External Fire Fighting

• Carrying and offloading to offshore units:

Deck cargo

Liquid cargo / Mud


• Move men and materials between platforms and shore

2.Arrangement, Description

The Vessel is to be arranged as single deckers. Machinery to be arranged forward of midship and all accommodation forward.The vessel is to be propelled by four marine diesel engines via reduction gearbox, controllable pitch propellers in nozzle. Two bow thrusters, one stern thruster and two high performance flap rudders to be installed to provide quick maneuverability while working. A waterfall type anchor handling and towing winch is to be installed on main deck. Main cargo deck is to be arranged free of obstructions.

The Vessel is to be arranged with accommodation for 30 crew and passengers. In addition, mess/dayroom, office, gymnasium, galley, provision store etc., to be provided as given in this specification.

3.Main Particulars

Length overall approx. 77.00 m

Length B.P. 68.5m

Breath moulded 18.00 m

Depth moulded 7.50 m

Max. draught approx. 6.20 m

Dead-weight at 6.20 m approx. 2900 tonnes

4. Trial Speed, Bollard pull

Vessel’s trial speed at 6.2 m design draught and 100% MCR to be approx. 14.8 knots in weather condition up to BF 2 and clean hull.

5. Tonnage - Capacities

Ballast water / Drill water approx. 1706 m3

Fuel oil approx. 1132 m3

Freshwater approx. 780 m3

Dry bulk cargo tanks (cement) approx. 298 m3

Liquid mud (2.5 S.G.) approx. 535 m3

Cargo deck area approx. 700 m2


Main engine 4 x 2000KW

Propulsion system Controllable pitch propeller

Generating set 2 x 350KW diesel driven

2 x 1440KW shaft driven

Bow thrusters 2 x 100KN controllable pitch type

Stern thruster 1 x 60KN controllable pitch type

Fuel oil cargo pump 1 x 150m3/hr @ 0.8MPa

Fresh water cargo pump 1 x 150m3/hr @ 80m head

Drill water pump 1 x 150m3/hr @ 80m head

Mud pump 2 x 75m3/hr @ 2.0MPa head

7. Deck Machinery

Anchor Windlass 2 x Double Gypsy and Warping Ends Gypsy size 44mm diameter U2 chain

Gypsy Rated Pull 6.0 T x 18.0m/min

Anchor Handling/Towing winch Stalled Pull 250.0 T

Power Required 4 x 75KW

Tugger winch 2 x 10 tonnes @ 15m/min

Capstan 2 x 7tonnes @ 25m/min

Storage Reel 1 x 10 T x 15m/min

Reel capacity 1200m x 70mm diameter (SWR)

Shark jaws 4000kN SWL with jaws plates for less than 76mm diameter chain.

Towing pins of angular type 4000kN SWL, hydraulic operated.

Deck Crane 3.0 tonnes @ 15.0m outreach

8. Class, Tonnage Regulations, Certificates

Vessel to be built in steel with full strength to main deck, with machinery, outfitting and equipment according to the following class notation:

- CSA Offshore Tug/Supply Ship, Ice Class B, DP-1


a) Rules and Regulations: The Vessel will comply with the following Rules and Regulations

i) CCS’s Provisions for Classification of Sea-going Ships (2006) and latest amendments


iii) IMO Resolutions Resolution A - 749 (18) - Code on intact stability for all types of ships covered by IMO instruments.

iv) SOLAS 2004 with all latest amendments.

v) International regulation for preventing collision at sea,1972

b) Certificates, Approved manuals and Booklets: The builder to provide the following original certificates, manuals and drawings:

i) Builder Certificate.

ii) Classification certificates for Hull & Machinery.

iii) Safety construction certificate. (Statutory).

iv) Safety equipment certificate (Statutory).

v) Safety Radiotelephony certificate (Statutory).

vi) Record of safety equipment (Statutory)

vii) International load line certificate (Class)

viii) Tonnage certificate and computation (Statutory)

ix) Compass adjustment certificate (Competent authority)

x) Medical chest certificate. (Statutory authority)

xi) Certificates for LSA, FFA, navigation aids, crane, wire ropes, winches, windlass, anchor, chains, mooring ropes & other mooring equipment, castings and forging etc.(Class/Statutory authority)

xii) Intact stability booklets approved by the Classification Society

xiii) Deadweight calculation sheet from shipyard.

xiv) Statement of compliance from for TBT free anti-fouling paint issued by the paint

manufacturer and class.

xv) DP-1 certificate.

xvi) Bollard pull test certificate

xvii) International oil pollution certificate.

xviii) International sewage pollution prevention certificate xix) International air pollution prevention certificate

xx) Statement of fact of MARPOL compliance

The following manuals stamped by the class shall be provided.

• Intact stability booklet

• Damage stability booklet


Ref C3641
Price 12m Usd negotiable or charter

Regards Keith
UK office 00 44(0) 1342 459089
Mobile 00 44(0) 7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Year: 2013

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